T-Town Flotilla IIIV, August 3-5, 2018

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What does my $30.00 Rally Pack get me? Well…

Stylish Tote Bag
The Obligatory Patch
The Obligatory T-Shirt
Bunch of SIP Swag
Camping Friday and Saturday night
Karaoke Friday Night
BBQ Saturday Afternoon
Live Band Saturday Night
Beans on Toast Breakfast Sunday
…and all manor of assorted trinkets…

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T-Town Flotilla V, 2015 :: A Recap

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Time is fluid. When it’s in abundance with no sense of urgency, it moves placidly like the calm depths of a glacial lake. When urgency expresses itself, it begins to increase speed with the temporal velocity of a fast flowing spring stream, crashing over other responsibilities and goals with reckless abandon. At 12:30 AM, Thursday morning, just over a day away from the T-Town Flotilla, the clubs Raffle Lambretta that had been undergoing a rebuild for the last year, sputters into life upon Jason’s 4th Kick….

T-Town Flotilla V, 7/31-8/2/2015

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T-Town Flotilla V

T-Town Flotilla V

T-Town Flotilla III, August 2-4, 2013

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Its on like Donkey Kong —


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T-Town Flotilla III, 2013


T-Town Flotilla, 2011. A Recap

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Friday. August 19th. 2011. The first inaugural T-Town Flotilla begins. Its mid afternoon and the sun is dripping off its slightly toasted muffin into a pool of blue which expresses a complete disdain for clouds of any political bias. A gaggle of Firkins are already giddy with excitement while setting the stage for the imminent meet and greet, twilight ride, and evening show kick off. As the afternoon subsides into early evening, intrepid attendees begin to trickle in to pickup rally backs, imbibe an adult beverage or two at the New Frontier Lounge and acquaint themselves with old and new friends alike.

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T-Town Flotilla, Aug. 19-21, 2011

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Its official, this year we will be hosting the first inaugural ‘T-Town Flotilla’, Friday, August 19 — Sunday, August 21, 2011.

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  • T-Town Flotilla

    T-Town Flotilla