T-Town Flotilla 2013 :: A Recap

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An oppressive blue gray gloom like the underside of a vast battleship steals across the sky with the glacial intention of hosting this Friday afternoon while bestowing its gift of effusive drizzle on the already black shimmering asphalt. But not to fear, the joy and excitement of the third annual Firkin Scooter Clubs T-Town Flotilla, 2013 cuts through the misery with a golden sword gilded with expectation and mischief. Sure enough, scooters perspiring like a chilled glass of wine in the height of summer begin to seek safe harbor at the curb of the Parkway Tavern eager to participate in the evenings agenda’s.


The neon lights mock the inclement weather as reflections dance in the puddles while the arriving participants, some familiar, some new, enjoy camaraderie, well-earned refreshment and tasty nibbles before embarking on the Twilight ride around North Tacoma.


Tom B. adeptly executes the challenging task of herding the “cats” and before long is leading the glistening machines off into the depths of T-Town on roads slick with trepidation. A little later, as the weather abates and admits defeat, the moist intrepid riders cruise into the Tap Room for music hosted by the F**K Yeah Scooter Club. Before long Lucarne has infused the crowd with electric and inspired a rolling sea of bouncing Sailor Hats before relinquishing the stage to the Dignitaries, the communities adopted local scooter band, who keep the momentum moving with slick riffs and energy driven tunes.


DJ Melodica provides the accompaniment to the receding evening while party people apply themselves to rounds of life sized Jenga and captains and crews slowly slip off to their own ports of call.


For some, Saturday morning has emerged a little too quickly amidst the debris of empty bottles, a vague recollection of communal laughter in the early hours and a distinct deficit of the all restorative sleep. Nevertheless a little yellow coracle can be seen poised in an undecided sky of blue and white promising to maintain its authority of the day.


Before long, vessels of all kinds are once again pulling into the safe harbor of the Tap Room to fuel up on breakfast burritos as the noon day hour quietly beckons that moment of organized chaos when our bulging fleet of scooters will embark on our exciting voyage across the Narrows Bridge into uncharted territory (well, not really uncharted territory, but…) Miraculously, we manage to squeeze through the streets of Tacoma, complete with gas stop, keeping the Flotilla intact and then fly gracefully across the sound like the tail of a kite teasing the glittering white capped waters to which responses are formed only in the imagination. The road ahead does not disappoint as we navigate Gig Harbor, seek passage through shady snaking back stretches toward Olalla, and meander amongst the lanes framing Long Lake before a late lunch stop at the Flotation Device, Purdy. You do see some strange sights in Purdy. Is that a flashback from Friday night? No, it’s bunny-scooter man, Ron A., resplendent in his one piece pink adult sized bunny suit, riding undeterred with wife Katherine, into the Pub parking lot accompanied by many raucous cheers and laughter.


With energy levels replenished, we once again head out to consummate the last leg of today’s ride enjoying more of the countryside and its gifts of chicanes, hairpins and bends before reaching our final destination, the group camping site at Penrose State Park. Upon arrival we are greeted by what can only be described as one of the most beautiful, sprawling and sumptuous group sites that we have had the good fortune to reside at yet. Sara R. and Karen A. sacrificed their scooter ride to precede the main gaggle and transformed the site into a haven fit for a fishing fleet. As tents are pitched and libation begins to flow, Sara and Karen lay on a smorgasbord of infinite delight; scrumptious salads, sizzling brats, fleshy oysters, juicy crabs and luscious strawberry shortcake to highlight just a few of the delectable morsels.


No contest, one of the best spreads in all of Scooter Rally camping history. As magical deserts were slowly digested, the momentous raffle with generous donations from multiple sponsors began (a complete list of our supporters can be found at the end of this missive.) With prizes scattered across the lengths of two picnic tables, Jeff C. as maître de (assisted by Robert C.) conducted the task with humor, excitement and lofty aplomb.


Nearly everyone went home with a prize, some more daring than others..!! As the little yellow coracle slipped behind the curtain of night the evening outdoor movie “Flesh Gordon” premiered.


This dubious example of 1970’s sci-fi porn was met with a little trepidation from the audience before it proved to be one of the funniest excursions of the day. Laughter constantly rippled through the branches from some viewers who had lost the plot, some were bathed in tears of hilarity and still others were joyous in disbelief. It was a hard act to follow. The next more serious feature of the double bill could not compete. As the witching hour slowly slipped into obsolescence, campers drifted off to canvas hideaways to dream of chocolate brownies, sucker pops and Professor Jerkoff.

Sunday rolls in softly like a pillow case full of kittens. Revelers begin to turtle out of tents at the hint of breakfast and perhaps a little adult nectar still lurking at the bottom of the keg in the corner of the pagoda. But what’s this? Beans on Toast AND scrambled egg AND ham. What a rare treat (ask Karen A. about the origin of the ham.) As usual, the uninitiated approach the beans on toast warily but find themselves satisfyingly surprised at this gourmet wonder chased down with copious amounts of cowboy coffee. And another first for the Flotilla; the keg blows indicating it’s time to break camp and head to familiar shores. Upon leaving, John C. picks one breakdown ensuring no one is left behind as Robert C. leads the pack on a non-technical, hangover safe route back to the Southworth ferry where we bid farewell to our northern friends as the southerners slink across the island.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Firkin ride across Vashon without a stop at the Red Bicycle to reminisce about the weekend’s events over a pitcher or two of hooligan soup.

In conclusion, it was agreed that the third annual T-Town Flotilla was an unmitigated success. We succeeded in our one and only true primary goal – to have FUN. And that was down to YOU! All you happy shiny scooterists that joined us on this epic Flotilla adventure. Thank you from the Firkin Scooter Club and we hope to see you again soon.


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We would also like to extend our gratitude to our numerous sponsors that helped make this event happen. Please take a moment to pay them a visit and show your appreciation. Getting ready for 2014!!

Cycle Gear Tacoma
Autobahn Specialists
Northwest Mini
Parkway Tavern
Shake Shake Shake
Castle Megastore
Tacoma Subaru
Earthwise Salvage (Tacoma)
Flotation Device
Vanity Boutique
Bruce the Wonder Dog…

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