Scooters at the LeMay Grand Opening

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Scooters at LeMay Car Museum
On June 1st, LeMay Car Museum will be officially opening at its new location in Tacoma, WA. On Saturday, June 2 and Sunday June 3rd, there will be a host of activities in and around the grounds of the Museum while the doors of the Museum are opened to the Public.

The Firkins have been approached to coordinate scooter representation at this event. There will be approximately 30 scooter spaces available on Saturday and Sunday if you would like to display your prized possession. The cost of each registration will be $30.00 per day (Saturday or Sunday) which also includes two admissions to the museum at a total value of $28.00.
The organizers are very excited at the prospect of involving the Pacific Northwest Scooter community and in addition to the cars and motorcycles that will be on display throughout the day in the museum grounds, would like to present a varied selection of unique, rare and vintage Scooters subscribing the arc of evolution through to the modern day incarnation. If you would like to participate, please let us know and you will be furnished with a private link (provided by LeMay) for pre-registration.
If you would simply like to take advantage of the weekend to poot down to Tacoma for the day, the Firkins will be happy to meet you en route and lead you to the festivities. There should be parking available and all of the events within the grounds are free of charge. Entrance to the museum will be charged at $14.00 per person.
This does have the potential to be a large event with expectations of 20-30,000 participants with activities accessible throughout the day. There are also a number of watering holes in the vicinity to quench raging thirsts….
See our Facebook event page:
For more information, visit the official LeMay Museum WebSite:

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  1. Don Nepstad Says:

    I would like to go but, I need more information. Where is the location to partk the scooter at Lemay? How long do we leave it there? Do we stay with the scooter? How do we get tickets for the event? What hours do we leave the scooter to view? Would we be able to ride it to get lunch, drinks etc.? during the day? Lots of stuff need to be discussed. Do we meet together and ride to Lemay or do we meet there? How do we get into Lemay. Tickets, etc. parking spot and where is it?

    Need information before I decide if I’m attending.



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