Armadillo Scooter Wear

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Armadillo Scooterwear Tough Enough from Armadillo Scooterwear on Vimeo.

“Armadillo Scooterwear have just released this new video campaign titled ‘Tough Enough’. Featuring a Vespa and stunt rider wearing Armadillo clothing, this action-packed viral was shot on the back streets of London. The creative team behind the project is the Amsterdam based Italian/ Spanish duo Ham & Kaas, the viral was produced by Stink Ltd, working together with the British Directing Team Darkfibre. Director of photography is Michael Bonvillain, famed for TV series Lost, Cloverfield and most recently Zombieland. The music is from a Canadian two-piece called Lullaby Arkestra, signed to Vice Records.”

  • Courtesy of Scootering Magazine Online


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