Friday the 13th Gathering, March, 2020

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*** This is open to Scooters, MotorCycles and Mopeds ***

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What: Friday the 13th Ride and Cider Fest

When: Friday, March 13th, 2020, 3:30 PM-?? PM

Meet at: Incline Cidery, Incline Cidery, 2115 S C Street, Tacoma, Washington

This ride is inspired by the Friday the 13th Motorcycle rally held every Friday the 13th in Port Denver, Ontario, Canada since 1981. In the summer, it typically exceeds 10, 000 bikers in a single day ride… To this day, the record of attendance is still disputed by the Guinness Book of Records due to a technicality….

Once again, our own Scooter Stalwart, Dawn B., will be officiating the event…

The initial meetup will be at the Incline Cidery at 3:30 PM on the aforementioned date. After sufficient thirsts have been satiated, there will be an enigmatic sprint over to the Parkway Tavern to enjoy their own Friday the 13th celebration of the apple based brew..!

For those that would like their audible muscles massaged, we will then reconnoiter at the New Frontier to absorb the delectable aural delights of the Tacoma Scrutinizers…

Come one, come all..!

Poot, Poot..!

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