Monthly Club Ride, Saturday, January 26, 2019

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What: Shaun’s Rubbish Ride (a.k.a. “Toot Sweets”) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Singalong.

When: Saturday, January 26, 2019. Meet at 10:00, Poot at 11:00 AM

Meet at: Alfred’s, 402 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA 98421

As the tittle might suggest, due to January’s inclement weather and bitter teeth, riding will be minimal. We will begin this quarrelsome affair with breakfast at Alfred’s per our normal template. We will then visit both renowned and established (and one new disciple) of the confectionary trade located here in Tacoma. The magic taffy ride will begin with a visit to the stalwart swirly gum drop tree, Johnson’s Candy Company. After endorphins have been released into the race track of the mind, a circuitous route will be weaved to the Towns crunchy Matriarch, Brown and Haley (we may, or may not have a tour…) With bliss molecules suitably charged, we will descend on the new student of delectable stress relief, Chocolate Tease. Palates can then be cleansed with Adult Pop provided by the Copper door before culminating at the “Box” for the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Singalong.

Mid Afternoon, slink over to Shaun’s House of Honey’s v2 (aka the “Box”) for the candy infused Chitty Chitty Bang Bang singalong. An array of English inspired nibbles will be provided including but not limited to: Tea sandwiches, Quiche, Sausage rolls, cheese on sticks and perhaps maybe a Victoria Sponge cake. The singalong will then enthusiastically ensue..! If you can’t make the ride, you are still encouraged to join us for the caterwauling…

(Note: the “Box” maybe uncharacteristically dry, so please do bring your own adult nectar of choice)

Club 10 Year Anniversary Party, Saturday March 2, 2019

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What: Firkin Scooter Club 10 year Anniversary Party

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019, 6:00 PM — 11:55 PM

Where: Private Venue (Ask your Favorite Firkin), Tacoma, WA

Note: Details subject to change.

Save the Date..! We cordially invite all of our friends in the Scooter community, acquaintances and drunks we’ve met along the way. This will be a catered event with a limited host bar (until a predetermined cash amount has been exhausted at which time it will become a no host bar) at a private location in the Tacoma area. If you are not on the VIP list, hit up your favorite Firkin for the elusive location. We plan to provide hijinks and frivolity, maybe some DIY Karoake, perhaps some live music but mostly swapping scootery tales and engaging in camaraderie (no there will not be magicians or clowns…well, there will be clowns but not the painted big footed ones…)

We look forward to seeing you there and helping us celebrate our 10 Years of existence.

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