Monthly Club Ride, Saturday, May 19, 2018

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What: Firkin Mer-May-ed Ride

When: Saturday, May, 19, 2018. Breakfast at 10:00 AM, poot at 11:00 AM sharp…

Meet at: Loose Wheel, 715 River Rd, Puyallup, WA 98371

The enigmatic Dark Mermaids will be taking us under their tails this month. Breakfast at the Loose Wheel with a prompt poot at 11:00 AM. There are promises of a beautiful scenic trip to the Rhododendron Species and Bonsais Gardens in Federal Way. A chorus of Siren Song and Picnic will be lavishly accompanied by Mint Juleps and adult Apple juice at the Cokrell Cider House in Puyallup.. Yes, we will be hanging at the Weyerhaeuser Building and gardens to ponder modern Architecture and when are McMenamins going to buy it..! Note: If you are riding a 50 cc, pleasure ensure you can maintain a top speed of 45 mph.. All Scoots and Hooligans welcome..!

Poot Poot.

Monthly Meeting, Sunday, May 6, 2018

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When: Sunday, May 6, 5:00 PM
Where: Ben Dews Clubhouse Grill, 6501 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

What? Only 3 months until T-Town Flotilla? Bring your creative representations for the branding/patch. We will be making the final decision at the June meeting. Do not be shy… our on board artistic consultant will be available to help you realize your vision if needed. 420 Cannonball run was a screaming success. There will be a review. Also on the Horizon, the Dark Mermaids reveal the secret ingredient to the luscious mint julep, the long standing Franks Firkin Flaming Geyser ride and a smorgasbord of events wriggling through the drying asphalt. As always, potential new members always welcome to attend. Just remember to leave the drama tangled in the Maypole..!

Poot Poot.