Monthly Meeting, Sunday, March 4, 2018

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When: Sunday, March 4, 5:00 PM
Where: Ben Dews Clubhouse Grill, 6501 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

We are not thwarted by the icy tendrils of Winter but we welcome the chilly tickle of Spring. The wave of the Rally Season advances steadily growing in size before crashing on the beach of warmer weather. It will arrive quickly and catch us of guard as always. Preliminary plans are being made for the T-Town Flotilla. Remember, never too soon to start garnishing Sponsorship. Are you ready for the 420 Cannonball Run this year with gracious sponsorship from SIP Scooters?We are working on a patch but bring your ideas for consideration. March Ride is on the Horizon and then a full-blown dive into the spring Rallies. (Who’s going to Spring Scoot..?) Bring your topics of discussion and any new prospective members that do not even know the meaning of drama…

Poot Poot.

Monthly Club Ride, 2/24/2018

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What: Shaun’s rubbish ride

When: Saturday, February 24, 2018. Breakfast at 10:00 AM, poot at 11:00 AM sharp…

Meet at: Alfred’s Café, 402 Puyallup Ave. T-Town 98421

The one you’ve all been waiting for, Shaun’s rubbish ride but this year with a twist. After breakfast we’ll be booting down to the Point Defiance ferry for the 11:45 boat. We’ll then be slinking up the Island and if we make good time, we will be meeting the VCOS crew at the other end of the Island and then wind our way back into town may be even taking in some of the scenic back roads. Lunch at Zombies, Red Bicycle or the Hardware store before parting ways for points north and south.

Later in the afternoon there may even be a singalong at Shaun’s house of Honeys’ ver. 2.0. The garage will be open up to park your trusty steeds…