Last Island Pizza Ride :: Sunday, September 20, 2015

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When: Sunday, September 20, 2015

Southies Meetup: 11:15 AM Point Defiance Ferry Dock

Northies Meetup: Either Ride down to the Southern end of the Island and meet Karen at the Tahlequah Ferry dock at 11:30 AM or meet at the destination

Destination: Castle in the Woods, 18132 125th Ave Vashon, 98070

Per Lars:

“Ride with us on Sunday 9/20 on Vashon Island and enjoy one last pizza party at the home of Karen and Lars. Yes, that’s right, we sold our house and will be leaving the Island for something different in or near Tacoma. Just where? We don’t know but we’ll figure that out soon enough! South Sounders will meet up at a location yet to be determined and head out for the 11:45 boat (with enough time to purchase ferry tickets). Karen will meet the group on the other side and lead the ride ending at our house where I will be slaving away at the blazing inferno! People coming from the West Seattle Fauntleroy Ferry can either meet Karen at the South end for the ride or just meet me at my home and eat pizza and drink beer.”

T-Town Flotilla V, 2015 :: A Recap

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Time is fluid. When it’s in abundance with no sense of urgency, it moves placidly like the calm depths of a glacial lake. When urgency expresses itself, it begins to increase speed with the temporal velocity of a fast flowing spring stream, crashing over other responsibilities and goals with reckless abandon. At 12:30 AM, Thursday morning, just over a day away from the T-Town Flotilla, the clubs Raffle Lambretta that had been undergoing a rebuild for the last year, sputters into life upon Jason’s 4th Kick….