Monthly Club Ride, January 25, 2015

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What: Shaun’s Rubbish January Ride

Meetup: Alfreds, 402 Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98421

When: Sunday, January 25, 2015: Meet at 10:00 AM, Poot at 11:00 AM Sharp.

Due to Mother Nature’s unpredictable authority over the weather at this time of year, the actual seat in the saddle time for this ride will be relatively short with a few stops to allow chilled bones to thaw and webbed toes to dry out. We will be departing Alfred’s promptly at 11:00 AM to allow for a refreshment stop around noon so please be fueled up and ready to go. Old and familiar trails will be navigated down through Chambers Creek, bypassing the old Steilacoom Pub haunt, stopping at McNamaras Pub for a swift tipple. Leaving at 1:00 PM we will engage in another short hop to the Grand Prix Raceway in Lakewood for some go-Karting fun at a reduced group rate..! After about 20 laps around slippery concrete and daunting tires we will slink over to the Bar Bistro Tacoma for a late leisurely lunch. Post lunch, you have the option to wend your way back into Tacoma with the group or return to your respective haunts…

At present, the forecast looks favorable. However, if the sky does rip open to deposit generous amounts of slick geometric white crystals on the ground, we will adjust our plans. However, we will still anticipate some Karting fun regardless of the weather.

This is open to all scooterists with a passion for riding…!