T-Town Flotilla IV, 2014 :: A Recap

Author: ufor360  //  Category: Club Rides, General, Puget Sound Events and Rides


The Friday midafternoon sky is an indecisive pallet of dirty blue, yellow and gray. A roll and crack of thunder reaches a crescendo across the mighty expanse signaling the arrival of the 4th Annual Firkin SC T-Town Flotilla. It’s sufficient enough for the grand yellow orb to establish its authority and banish the lingering vagaries to hidden corners of the state allowing the wild blue yonder to emerge as a vast sweeping blanket of expectation. The Parkway Tavern, a safe refuge and weekly gathering spot for like minded individuals, eagerly awaits to entertain intrepid souls from all points of the compass. As the late afternoon beckons, the rattle and pop of vintage bikes and the soft rumble of the moderns (with the exception of Butter Thunder who announces her presence with conviction) peppers the air as the first begin to arrive.