TTF II, Recon Ride, Sunday, 7/15/2012

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T-Town Flotilla 2012

…The Recon Ride…

When :: Sunday, July 15, 2012, 9:30 AM, poot at 10:00 AM
Where :: Alfred’s Café, 402 Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA 98421.

This Sunday, we will be conducting a trial run of the upcoming TTF II ride which will take us over the Narrows and through the wooded lanes southwest of Purdy with a quick refreshment stop at the Flotation device so we can forewarn them of the impending descent of scooter hooligan trash in August. This will be followed by a relatively fast ride out to Twanoh. On the way we will be stopping at a Safeways in Belfair to review their adult pop selection and also the little store just before the state park. Provided the previous occupants have vacated the site, we will also inspect the group camping site…

The return trip, which will be the Sunday leg of the Rally, will find us weaving through Belfair and cutting across land to Southworth to return to Tacoma via Vashon. A stop at the Red Bicycle goes without saying…

The weather on Sunday has decided to cooperate which is good as this will be a fairly long day. Bring your sunscreen and ensure your scoot can at the very least maintain a top speed of 50+ mph..!!

Poot, Poot..!!