FSC Cheerbox

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2009 Leah Cheerbox

Quote – John Carlson:

“Leah is a cheerleader for Auburn High. The cheerleaders stand on boxes when doing their cheers. To help provide support to the cheer squad the cheerleaders sell a side of their boxes to advertisers. Last year and this year Barb and I sponsored Leah by purchasing a side of her box on behalf of the Firkin Scooter Club. This year Jeff and Tessa got us a new sticker with our new logo on it. Pretty cool! Auburn has a winning team and the stands are packed so lots of great exposure for the club. Last weeks game, Auburn won 72 zip.”

October Pumpkin Patch Ride, Saturday, October 24, 2009

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The October ride will feature a trawl through the changing colors and the erie mist of the season out towards the Wild West Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch near Buckley:

When: Saturday, October 24, 9:30 AM for a Kick off at 10:00 AM
Where: Meet at the Downtown McDonalds in Puyallup, 304 2nd St. NE.

The Wild West is located just off of 234th and HWY 410 near Buckley, approximately a 17 mile ride from Puyallup. The site features such seasonal creature comforts as hot food, monster truck rides, corn maze, haunted house, vortex, hay rides, sling shot, ad infinitum. The return ride will snake along the back roads around Lake Tapps, Sumner on East Valley HWY and stop at a local watering hole in Sumner.

Frank always puts a great deal of effort and thought into his rides so it will undoubtedly be a cracker. The Tacoma crew will be meeting at, yes you guessed it, Alfreds at 8:30 AM to head out to Puyallup at 8:45 AM.

See you there..!!

Cool Video Courtesy of Terry…

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Cool Video courtesy of Terry from the South Sound Slow Riders Club in Olympia from the FSC trip down south on Saturday, September, 26, 2009:

Riding with Firkin Scooter Club 9/26/09

Tacoma to Olympia, Ride Report

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Alfred’s, the quaint little bar and restaurant on Puyallup Avenue in Tacoma, that once enjoyed life as a prosperous brothel, has now become the equivalent of scooter fly paper as all of our scheduled jaunts from Tacoma seem to gather here like the proverbial moths to the flame. It even boasts a wicked Bloody Mary (it is a breakfast drink after all) and scrumptiously plump breakfast burritos. As the clock nonchalantly approached the 9:30 hour, the small growing group of scooterists in the Bulls Eye parking lot slowly coalesced into a gaggle of anxious riders.

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